This project was made during an online residency at KinoKulturKlub (Helsinki) during the first summer of Covid Pandemic.

Date of production: 06.2020

This clip is part of a larger film called Exquisit Futures.

An international, remote collaboration: 10 artists 20 days 1 film, imagening artistic life in the future in a chain reaction of creation. Conceptually constructed productional experiment, inspired by the global lockdown. Collective predictions of post-apocalyptic timelines, visualised by a selection of international artists through ten 48 hour-marathon productions intertwined in a domino-effect.

List of participants/

Exhibition dates/

  • 28.5.2021 11 pm – Alex TV, Germany
  • 29.5.2021 3:20 am – Alex TV, Germany
  • 24.07.2021 Outdoor screening at AV Festival 56800 Simpele, Finland
  • 7.07.2020, Online première on Youtube