Memories of the future

Directed by artists Amr Elkafrawy and Jean-François Robin Memories of the future is a work that unfolds a dreamlike and poetic environment, stemming from ruins of the past. The main component is a film in 5 chapters and the secondary component a series of sculptures. Through a preponderant strategy of inversion of time, this project suggests a new look at the imaginary of the future in the hope of taming our own faculty of temporal intervention. This project is an attempt to look at the future as if it were past in which we draw dreamlike and oneiric future landscapes, stemming from ruins of the past.


keywords : anterior, ulterior, past future, temporality

– Nictophilia, 16th of October 2021 at Caisa Kulttuurikeskus. Helsinki, Finland organized by KinoKulturKlub